The Perfect Linen Tee – Grana Review – A U S E N N S

I had been searching for a plain white semi-fitted linen tee for awhile, so when I got this one from Grana, I thought that all my plain white tee dreams had come true! The ONLY thing that was super disheartening was that the hem was way too long. The beautiful, structured linen fabric did NOT like sitting all bunched up around my hips. You can’t tell from the picture of the model, but the tee is fairly straight cut (no A line here) and doesn’t leave any hip room.

What I did: I actually folded the hem up and sewed it into the bottom of the shirt. So I made the hem into a double hem, and now it fits PERFECTLY. The hem sits right mid-hipbone. I love it. The fabric is gorgeous. The fit is (now) gorgeous. I’ve been wearing this with everything.

The only note as far as sizing: I ordered a small in this, but I wish there had been a midway size between the small and the medium. I feel like the material recovers well after being washed, however, it will shrink slightly. I have tried drying it on low a couple times and probably won’t do it again for fear that it shrinks some more.

How to style it: As far as styling, there’s a reason I had been looking everywhere for the perfect plain white linen tee. It’s endlessly interchangeable for all occasions with all outfits (except being tucked into skirts– linen likes to drape, not be confined under elastic). I’ve worn it with summer shorts, jeans, and even work trousers into the office. It’s the perfect versatile casual basic, and for that, it earns a place in my wardrobe.

Necklace by wrk-shp Jeans by Eileen Fisher (unavailable) Cole Haan sunglasses (unavailable)

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Shoes by Eileen Fisher