Packing list for a weekend getaway – A U S E N N S

It’s crazy to believe that this summer is almost over. The past few weeks, I’ve been going on little and big trips alike. This weekend we went out to Michigan City which was a blast. The weekend before was a trip to Starved Rock, which also was a great time and definitely satisfied the hiking itch I’ve been feeling lately. Then the week before that was the Budapest and Vienna adventure, which I mentioned earlier but don’t think I can mention quite enough. And the weekend before that we were out in the suburbs visiting some family. I’ve been feeling lots of gratitude and love lately, it just is going to be great when it’s about fall and things settle down. I’m very excited to stay local and recap with some good food and good sleep!

While in Michigan City, I brought a mixture of my greatest hits, which included some great thrift finds I’ve had for quite some time. It’s always nice when you’re going to get all sandy and covered in sunscreen and lake water to know you’re not only wearing rugged, durable clothes, but also knowing that your clothes have already lived a full life. Whenever I wear my thrift store clothes, I feel confident that I can do anything and go adventuring freely and if they do get stained or ripped, it’s not the end of the world. I know that if I wore some of my more expensive clothes that I bought new, I would have been less likely to run in the water fully clothed or run under a waterfall, which is exactly the opposite of what clothes are for.

So without further ado, here is my packing list for Michigan city:

Everlane Snap Backpack in muted black – (not pictured) first up, the bag I took! This is my go-to for weekend trips anywhere. Even when I fly out to Denver to visit a friend or catch a train out to the suburbs, I love using just a backpack. The bag itself is fairly heavy when you add a bunch of stuff, but that’s to be expected. I adore this bag in every way with the exception of the fact that it gets SO. LINTY. I have to use a lint roller on it frequently. I have three Everlane twill bags, which I will post a joint review for soon. My twill zip tote used to pick up lint more, but now that I’m using it as my everyday work bag, the material is getting softer and more worn and is less of a lint-magnet

Cropped linen button up blouse – old thrift find, originally was much longer but I hemmed it to hit about at my natural waist so I could tie it, you can see a better view of it in this post

Linen tee – from Grana, received here, something that’s quickly become my go-to for situations where I’m not entirely sure what to wear. It dresses down or dresses up super well

Vintage Ralph Lauren denim shorts – another thrift find, 100% cotton but they are incredibly broken in so they fit perfectly, probably cost me more time searching for them than they did in money. These are my go-to for any day adventuring

Elizabeth Suzann Marlena Tank – reviewed here This was my “nicer” top for the drive over to Michigan City and our first night there, and although I definitely could have worn it to the beach, I didn’t because I wanted to be sure I kept it in good condition. This is an example of what I meant by wanting to wear my “play clothes” out to the beach or when at Starved Rock

Keds – these poor shoes have been through a lot. I wear these on my way to work before changing into my Everlane Modern Loafers (reviewed here and then reviewed after 1.5 years here) and it usually involves an hour of walking during my commute every day, plus if I’m walking anywhere that involves taking the train, these are my go to. This was the shoe that I bought the Everlane Street Shoe to replace

Eileen Fisher Leather Slide Sandals – these are my ultimate summer sandal. I wear them at work and on super hot days. They’re super comfortable because of the padded sole and the buttery smooth leather

J Crew bathing suit – super old. I’ve been meaning to get a new bathing suit for quite awhile, but I want to be sure my next swimsuit is well made and in a super classic color. I’ve been considering a deep, true navy, but black is always a safe go-to.

Uniqlo merino wool crewneck cardigan – old, the current iteration is linked here. This is another piece which I’ve put through a lot. I’ve had this for a few years, and miraculously it has not pilled and it’s survived being washed dozens of times and occasionally thrown in the dryer here and there to control lint. I have a handful of pullover cardigans by them as well which have pilled slightly more, even though this one is my most-used. I know that Uniqlo isn’t by any means responsible or sustainable, but since I bought these pieces before I made the choice to transition to clothes that were made in better conditions, I fully intend to keep wearing them and using them until they either fall apart or don’t fit me anymore

So there you go! Has anyone else been on any cool trips lately? I’d love to hear about them 🙂