Grana Silk Shorts Review – A U S E N N S

First things first (and I know this is something that would horrify some silk lovers, but bear with me), I do not dry clean my silk. I wash it on cold delicate like the rest of my clothes and hang to dry. (cue gasps!) Maybe at some point I will start dry cleaning my silk, but for the time being I’m perfectly happy hand washing it. Something I will say in my defense is that these shorts from Grana have held up extremely well to being washed in the washing machine. I even threw them in the dryer to see what would happen, and they came out looking great.

The silk is double layered, but even knowing that, I figured I would want a little extra space so that the fabric could drape flatteringly, so I went up a size. I’m 5’6″ ~125 lbs and I went with the medium. Traditionally I would have gone with a small, but I think the medium is perfect!

A note about the color: so this is listed as Navy on the website. If I saw these in person without knowing the name of the colorway, navy definitely would NOT come to mind. I’d say they’re more of a royal blue, which I was not expecting and honestly wasn’t too crazy about originally. If I do wear colors other than white, ivory, or black, I want them to be muted, relaxed, and organic. This Navy, when compared to my Navy pants from Elizabeth Suzann, is a little too bright for my taste.

Hope this has helped! Grana is a company that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Their model is pretty similar to that of Everlane, they have helpful graphics describing what makes their pricing structure different than that of typical retail markup and they give a lot of focus to the fabric and quality of their pieces. The only thing that I’m a little weary of is the fact that Grana’s transparency doesn’t extend out their factories like Everlane’s does, so that’s something I’m still researching. The jury’s still out on this one.

Thanks for reading! 🙂