Elizabeth Suzann Marlena Silk Top + Cecilia Pants Review – A U S E N N S

I think that when I’m talking about sustainable, minimal style, it would be incredibly unfair not to mention my current favorite designer, Elizabeth Suzann. Every piece is incredibly well-made from high quality materials, plus they make everything in house in this gorgeous studio that I had the privilege of visiting during their last sample sale. I love how everything they make is made with intention to add to your life and experience in a positive way– when I wear ES, I feel comfortable, put-together, and happy.

The Marlena Tank: This has quickly become my go-to top for the summer. The raw silk has this gorgeous understated sophistication, and it seems to match with everything I own. I imagine this is partially due to the off-white color. I love a good bright white top, but the muted white is a quiet, classic neutral. I bought a small, and although I thought I originally could have gone with an XS, I quickly realized that I love the extra drape of the small. I’ve washed it in the washing machiene on delicate a few times and hung to dry and it still feels like new.

Also pictured, my Everlane Twill Zip Tote and Eileen Fisher Sandals. The Eileen Fisher shoes were bought a while ago from the company store in Schaumburg, IL at a serious discount. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The Cecilia Pants are another piece that have been on heavy rotation lately as well. They are the most perfect, flattering cut and the seams are in all the right places to make you feel comfortable and the stretch cotton twill makes you feel gently held in, if that makes sense. I’ve worn these to work a bunch and since I do sit at a desk during the workday, I do notice that they can bag out very slightly at the knees, but I think after 7-8 hours of sitting, any pants start to take on a sitting shape. A quick wash and dry quickly brings them back to their normal self. I bought the size small and at first felt like they were a smidgen too big, but after washing and drying a few times, they did shrink very slightly- probably half to a quarter of a size.

I know how difficult of a price point this is. Objectively, it looks like this outfit cost me close to a thousand dollars, but that’s not the case. Trust me, I find it very difficult to balance how much I should be spending on clothes with the price point of the clothes I like. The two things I used to combat this are: buy better things less often and to use discounts where possible and where they make sense. Discounts are great, but sometimes when you’re looking at designers that are making pieces in the US and are using high quality materials, there aren’t really sales or discount codes to be found. That’s when you have to make the painful decision to buy less and choose well (and it helps to know your money is benefiting small businesses).

I drove down to Nashville for the Elizabeth Suzann sample sale, so these pieces were discounted, but it’s still much more expensive than the typical top or pants from mass retailers. It’s so easy to buy four or five tops that cost $12 and are made of polyester, because the individual price point at any given time is easier to handle. But this Marlena top has gotten more use and more love than anything I’ve owned from a mass retailer in recent memory, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think the confidence and comfort I get from wearing this top is way, way worth it.

So there you have it! Quite possibly all my favorite pieces in one place. Don’t mind me if I do wear all these on heavy rotation this summer 🙂

Thanks for reading!