My style journey towards fewer + better things up until this point has been a long, long process. I started a few years back now, but I definitely remember the key trigger that made me want to change.

There was a point in college where I had a closet full of clothes stacked up in a big pile about 3 feet high. I could never get all my clothes clean, no matter how many times I did laundry, because there were just so many of them. I wish I had a picture to show you all, but unfortunately I don’t. Whatever image you’re imagining in your head: yes, it was that bad.

My moment of complete exasperation happened a few years ago. I’ve moved a lot during my time in Chicago, but there was one specific time that I had to pack the heaps of clothes up into bags, and I remember staring at one of them and thinking, “I could throw this bag away right now and feel nothing.” Everything I owned was low-quality, super trendy, and most importantly, wasn’t me.

So I donated close to 70% of the clothes I owned.

Trash bags full of clothes left my life that day for donation, and I can’t express the complete and utter freedom I felt when I realized I wouldn’t have those clothes lying around anymore.

Thinking back to those bags, I can’t remember a single thing that I really, genuinely enjoyed wearing and I felt like was a true representation of who I was. After I donated the 70%, I slowly worked my way up to replace those gaps with quality pieces that I felt like were true to who I was. And then I donated the rest of the original 30%.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned how our clothes are made, and some of the awful things that happen as a result of that system. I’ve learned where our clothes go after we donate them. I’ve learned more about fast fashion, about sustainable fibers, and about the garment industry as a whole.

My blog is meant to help those who want to do better but aren’t 100% there yet. It’s a difficult process to start. And it’s an extremely difficult transition to work towards— but even small steps are meaningful. Decluttering your closet is one thing, but it’s another to completely change your outlook. There is so much to consider when purchasing clothing, or really any single thing in this world of ours. And I’m trying to do better, and offer support to help you do better too.